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Matthew Sekol

Strategic Technology Director, Microsoft US Capital Markets

Matt guides firms through the digital transformation journey by delivering thought leadership, cultural change, and innovative ideas. As Strategic Technology Director for Microsoft’s US Capital Markets, his coverage spans investment firms, fintech, ESG, asset managers, brokerages, and exchanges.

With a 20-year career supporting technology initiatives across major energy, healthcare and life sciences, and semiconductor organizations, Matt now helps global financial services firms understand complex digital concepts and upcoming market changes with an eye on the ultimate deliverable – their own customers.

Matt earned his BA in English from the Pennsylvania State University and has leveraged his mix of skills to bring unique insights to privately owned firms and Fortune 500 companies. He managed one of the most successful Microsoft partners in the US and has published over 100 articles about technology, culture, and business. Outside of work, you’ll find Matt running out on the trail, listening to podcasts and audio books and being a general learn-it-all.