2018 Speaker Lineup

January 31 - February 3
Orlando, Florida

Pandit Dasa
Author, Mindful Leadership and Wellbeing Expert

Pandit Dasa is an inspirational speaker, meditation teacher and well-being expert who has conducted stress management workshops and meditation sessions for Google, Bank of America, Intel, Novartis, Columbia and many others. Through these workshops and practices of mindfulness, Pandit helps individuals lower stress and anxiety, increase their focus and productivity plus develop positive perspectives on challenging situations.

He’s presented at TEDx, been featured on PBS, NPR and in The New York Times as well as writing for The Huffington Post. In his book, Urban Monk, Pandit writes about the turning point in his life that came after his family lost their multimillion dollar business, cascading into a loss of everything. This tragedy served as a catalyst for Pandit’s journey from Los Angeles to post-Communist Bulgaria, a Mumbai monastery and 15 years in New York City living as a monk.

Pandit uses his training and experiences to help corporate audiences manage stress and develop their own personal work-life balance.