January 31 - February 3
Orlando, Florida

At LINC 2018, TD Ameritrade will bring you opportunities like no other conference experience – it’s called LINCx. As part of LINCx, break out of breakout mode. Explore the show floor. Get outdoors with your favorite colleagues. We’re offering you the opportunity to immerse yourself in an afternoon of unique experiences to help drive you towards future forward thinking – for both personal and professional development. You’ll engage in innovation, technology and inspiration in ways outside of your normal business routine. The idea is to help you stay aware of what’s next on your to-do list in order to keep your business thriving throughout the next generation of today’s world.

Immersive. Elevated. Social. Connected. Healthy. Thoughtful…exactly what you will see on Friday afternoon, and in some instances, throughout all of National LINC 2018.

So, what are we offering?

Off Site excursions will present a unique purpose to you – personally and professionally.

Brewery & Distillery Tour at the Winter Park “Brewstillery”See how it’s done in a niche market. Brand loyalty is important in any business, and one of the best businesses creating brand loyalty is the beer business. In this insightful, interesting, and eye opening experience, you will go behind the scenes at Brewstillery in Winter Park. Learn how the company is enhancing their brand with their loyal customers and creating memorable experiences on-site at their brewery. You will also learn how to get the most out of a client event that infuses an effective balance of fun and education.

A Bike Tour of CelebrationGet pedaling and explore! Staying healthy and keeping fit are both integral in helping you be at your best. Mind, body and soul all align as you take an invigorating ride through the beautiful town of Celebration, FL built by Disney. On this guided tour, you will have time to reflect on your life and your business while you discover picturesque neighborhoods, world-class architecture, native wildlife and a vibrant downtown setting, through scenic trails and waterfront pathways.

All off-site events are planned for Friday, February 2, 2018.

Participation is for registered conference invitees ONLY. Space is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
For all off-site events, transportation will be provided. After registering for the experience of your choice, you will be sent a confirmation email with more specific details.

On Site events and activations will appeal to your mindful, inspired self.

Mixology Class PoolsideCreativity awaits! Infusing fun and collaboration into your business is an important and powerful way to bond with your clients – creating lasting relationships and referable experiences. When it comes to client events, we want to help inspire you to think outside of the box. This mixology class will give you a hands-on experience that you can take back to your office and share with your team and clients. (Friday only)

Ritz Carlton Service Experience – You’re invited to attend an up close, personal, and behind the scenes look at the one of the world’s best service models – The Ritz Carlton! This exclusive tour takes you on property to learn from the ladies and gentlemen of the Ritz Carlton who are responsible for delivering world-class experiences to its guests each and every day. Hear what makes the company, the team members, and the loyal customers so committed to each other and how you can implement their practices into your own firms. Afterwards, take part in an exciting and unique culinary experience that you’ll want to take back and share with your clients.

Health and Life CoachingNeed just 30 minutes with an expert for that kick start? It’s a new year, make it about a “new you”. These powerful mini sessions will be available during conference hours on Thursday and Friday. You’ll be able to stop by the Health & Life Coaching & Meditation rooms, or sign up, for a time slot. Come prepared with anything you’d like to discuss. It’s important to give yourself the time that your mind and body deserves – to ensure optimal performance both personally and professionally. Schedule to be posted at the Conference Resources Desk in the Regency Foyer.

Take a walk into the future – technology and innovative activations will blow your mind, while having fun too.

The intersection of technology and reality is here. We’re ready to capitalize on what’s out there for us to experience and learn from, as we prepare for the next generation of just about everything. Whether it’s voice control, facial recognition or cryptocurrency, the research and developments are moving faster than we are. API’s (Application Programming Interface) are being built every day to allow companies to go deeper and deeper with connecting technology and data.  All of these things, plus more, will have an impact on your business and the way you interact with clients before you know it. Let us help you get acquainted with innovative, future-forward technology. Visit these activations in and around the conference.

Virtual Reality Bike Tours – Pedal for a cause! Hop on a stationary bike, put on a pair of VR goggles and pedal your way through a course alongside other conference attendees. Each mile is valued at $1 and will be donated across 5 distinguished charities. Bike all you want, give all you can!

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Activations – For real? One day you might be sitting in the same office as your remote colleagues, simply with Augmented Reality glasses. So, are you ready to embrace the future? Experience the world of virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D technology and holograms. Immerse yourself in futuristic activations and be a part of where the world is going.